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Parkour! Parkour! Run, jump dip and dash through these awesome parkour maps



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Your car has broken down so you head to a nearby town to stay the night. You soon learn that something is going on around there. What is that man running the power plant up to? You have to explore the area to find out and stop him!”

Crack in the World is a short adventure map focused on story and special effects. In typical adventure fashion, you go around exploring places, talking to NPCs to gather information and items, and unlocking the next part of the story. I would not consider this map difficult. It can be completed in approximately 30 – 40 minutes.
Awesome cutscenes and special effects
Custom resource pack with block shapes, textures, sounds, and music
An epic finale
This map is for Minecraft 1.8.1 (no mods).
Please turn off all other resource packs. There is a custom resource pack in the level directory so if you’re playing in single player mode then it should load automatically. If you’re playing on a server then the ‘’ file in the level directory can be installed just like a normal resource pack on the clients.
If you’re playing on a server then you must enable command blocks in the server config.
The map looks best when particles are set to “All” or “Decreased” and your render distance is greater than 6 chunks.
I tried to keep this compatible with multiplayer so it should work with multiple players if you stay somewhat together. Let me know if it works or breaks.
*Resource pack contents were created by me with the exception of music by Kevin MacLeod and Kai Engel.


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LA Bank Building and Grounds from GTAV

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“his is the LA Bank Tower featured in GTAV. It is not the same exact structure as seen in the game because I added my own spin on the grounds surrounding the Tower.”

Some features about this project

-177 meters tall

-56 stories

-Main spawn room

-Obbservation Deck

-HeliPad (top)

-jump challenge (2)

-secret cave

-hedge maze

-authentic grounds surrounding tower

-6 shops (3 full, 3 facade)

Download LA Bank Building and Grounds from GTAV

From the map author Hobo Joe

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“good luck”

good luck whit parkour and mini and pvp

From the map author alexcool667

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“InfiniteCube is a challenging single-player parkour map with 54 levels. This map includes a randomized track everytime you play and also records your score!”

54 awesome levels.
A score system.
Randomized levels.
Before You Play:
Make sure you are playing on 1.8.
If playing on a server, turn command blocks on.
The YouTuber Rule:
InfiniteCube is meant to be a challenging, short parkour map. To keep it interesting, make sure that if you record this for Youtube that you nominate 1-3 other youtubers to beat your time!


From the map author 5uperTrinity

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“Survive through the randomly picked variety of new, unique mini-games, merged together into one map.”

All minigames take advantage of 1.8 features, and are very different, and challenging from one-another.
The main platform is customizable, along with all of the Chromofied levels!
This map is designed to be played single player, and will most likely not work as intended with more players.
Anvilanche – A stage where anvils fall above you as the ground breaks below you, while you try to collect emerald blocks
Gold Guardian – Over time, gates will open, creating more monsters, and they will also level up over time, while you use special items and powerups such as the throw-able dynamite or time freezing items. You must disable all of the gates with levers to win.
Grid Hopper – Giant laser beams will swipe across the platform. If it is too high to jump over, you must duck under it. If it is low enough, you can jump over it.
Chromofied – A random map is chosen, and a random color is chosen. You must stand on the color you are told, before all other colors disappear.
Warp Star – Teleports you back up to the platform if you fall
Time Freeze – Freezes all mobs and freezes all mob spawning, allows you to move around or place levers in Gold Guardian
Throw-able Dynamite – Explodes, and defeats all monsters in a 3 block radius
Speed Feather – Gives you speed for 1 minute
Beam Deflector – Gives you jump boost for 20 seconds
Ancient Sword – Lets you start with a better sword every round in Gold Guardian
Hard Hat – Lets you survive 1 hit from a falling anvil in Anvilanche


From the map author MrGarretto

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“City Conqueror introduces a new Minecraft game-type. Your goal is to conquer as many beacons as possible to receive points. The challenging part is that you have to do a lot of parkour to reach the beacons.”

The more difficult it is to reach the beacons, the more points you are rewarded for conquering the challenge. Only one player can receive points from each beacon. The winner of the game is whoever has the most points when time runs out.
This race against the clock will have you jumping through 8 unique encounters, including a beautiful park, a gold mine filled with lava, and up a tower full of weird redstone devices.
You will have to battle against ladders, potion effects, and pistons, so you can claim victory. In this single or multi player map, will you be the City Conqueror?
Server or Single
While this map is intended for multi player, you can still play in single player. Multi player will have you competing against friends, family, or other people to get the highest score. You can play with as many people as you want but it might become laggy if you load too many people onto a server.
If you don’t have anyone to play with, or if you just don’t want to play on a server, you can attempt City Conqueror alone. It’s just you vs the clock. Set goals for yourself to beat. Whether it’s SP or MP, it’s still fun either way.

Map Features:
This world has many features designed to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, including:
8 different courses for you to parkour through.
Stunning scenery.
Several interesting parkour types.
Course Guide book that tells you about the 8 courses.
Hospital for you to respawn in if you die.
Options room so you can change the time of day and the length of the game.
A timer that lets players know how much time is left.
A system to calculate the winner of City Conqueror.
Non-linear world that lets you attempt the challenges in any order you like.
Invisible border that prevents you from escaping the city.
An Easter Egg.
Other Important Information
The rule books and course guide books for City Conqueror are in a chest in the starting room.
If you’re playing on MP, don’t allow anyone else onto the server once you press the start button because the map could break.
Please report any bugs or problems with the map in the comments.
I highly encourage other map makers to create more maps for this game-type. I’d also like it if a server hosted this minigame.
Have fun!!!:D


From the map author TJC99

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Lost Epics

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“My First parkour map i ever made hope you guys enjoy it :D”

Long map multiple levels with multiple stages all kinda of parkour. also below spawn there is a little mob arena

(Map is not fully Complete still in Beta) Works with 1.8

Download Lost Epics

From the map author Shadic4428

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[NEW] Running Up!

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“This map is for 1.8 and singleplayer only! This map is also the first puzzle/adventure map created by me! This map features many puzzles to solve, as well as storylines to enjoy! The puzzles can be very challenging and difficult, but fun!! :)”

This map is for 1.8 and singleplayer only! This map is also the first puzzle/adventure map created by me! This map features many puzzles to solve, as well as storylines to enjoy! The puzzles can be very challenging and difficult, but some are just a piece of cake! This map also features archery, battles, and also parkour! In some situations, players might fall into the “death hole,” which means that the player can’t get back up because they are stuck in a deep hole but can’t dig up because they are on adventure mode. Be careful of the “death holes!” This map also includes a death counter, which will count a player’s death numbers (Duh). Enjoy! :D