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Parkour! Parkour! Run, jump dip and dash through these awesome parkour maps

The Trap House 2

GD Star Rating

“This is a map designed to kill you.”

Filled with intense minigames and trials that test your ability to survive.

The purpose? To test your survival skills against the minemade machinery and find a way to come out without death.

Download The Trap House 2

From the map author EpicCrafterer

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GD Star Rating

“A Minecraft Map of Invisible Utilization! 70 Levels.. 14 Missions.. 4 mini games and more!”

MAP IS ONLY FOR 14w27a and more (except 14w29b please!)

A new map from Gaermine.

70 Levels of Invisible utilization!

This map has 14 Missions (70 levels), Mini games for Multiplayer and Singleplayer and Shop Zone!
Map will has a lot of parkour levels, labyrinths, thinking things, jumping and falling (The Dropper Mission)
and everything with something invisible!

Every mission has a new utilization of invisibilty! (invisible block is barrier)

You get scoreboard with Fails, Points and Win Streak!
There is the time and stat for sprint in missions.
The first seven level is easy for you and the other seven levels are funnier and adventurer!
You can exercise your parkour skills, brain (labyrinth, navigating, remember something)

This is map more designated for singleplayer.. but for multiplayer it can works too.
You can use the Spectator Mode for see your friend who is making the level or go with him.
Also you can visit mini games zone.. there are four mini games. Two for singleplayer and three for multiplayer!

What is Win Streak? When you win another level you get one Win Streak. If you get 2 and more, you will get a lot of points and achievements! But if you will die (Fail) the score will set to 0!

This map is only determined for the good computers.
Must have Render Distance 8-10 Chunks, Full Screen On for no lags!
(Please Render Distance must be such! because if not.. everything can crash..)

Map was made in version 14w26b! So newer version can works. (1.8)
But please.. don’t use version 14w29a/b, because this version crashs the map.. :/
(I was using the slime blocks and other things for 1.8)
And I’m sorry for lags from the Main Zone (the beggining)

Map will takes for all complete all levels minimal 2 hours!

Map is in Beta.. but Done. If you will find the problem, please report to me!

Map has resouce pack with sounds and some the new textured blocks!
So use it! Don’t forget!

And please.. rate, add the comments and if you want.. record this map. This will make me happy.. because I was making this map only for you!


From the map author Gaermine

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GD Star Rating

“You awaken in a great courtyard, with no recollection on how you arrived. An ethereal voice whispers into your ear, promising what you seek. But what do you seek? Who speaks to you? And how did you get into the Stronghold?”

– Play on Easy/Normal difficulty.
– Don’t break or place blocks.
– Use the Wayukian Resource Pack download it here :
– Cheats are on, so if something breaks, just use those.
This is my first public Adventure Map, so feedback and comments would be appreciated. If you encounter any bugs or broken things, let me know and I’ll look into it. I had a lot of fun making this, so expect more maps in the future! Thanks for downloading!
Version 4.0.
-Added a spiffy new colored name.
-Fixed Ravno boss glitch.
-Updated the Guide to Fighting Bugs.
-Bunch of little changes.
Version 3.0.
-1st edition of the Bug Fighting Guide.
-doMobSpawning and mobGriefing have been disabled.
-Spawners not spawning has been fixed.
-Fixed EVEN MORE random holes.
Version 2.0.
-This fixes a lot of major issues.
-The player now receives bread.
-The Vaervno teleportation thing is fixed.
-I also fixed some missing walls and ladders.


From the map author Battlefront_819

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Ultimate Parkour Hero Revolution!

GD Star Rating

“This map is designed for Minecraft 14w26c! This map includes 7 stages with various difficulties and obstacles to complete, and it includes /title and /tellraw commands all over the map to increase the experiences for both singleplayer and multiplayer”

This map is for 14w26c!!!! The map is full of challenges and many different obstacles, especially hardcore parkour! The map consists of a small storyline and 7 stages of different challenges: parkour, archery, dropper, race the minecart, and also TNT cannon parkouring stages! The map also uses the /title and /tellraw command to improve the experience for the player(s)!

Download Ultimate Parkour Hero Revolution!

From the map author Chilylugia2

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Wipeout MC

GD Star Rating

“Ever thought of playing wipeout in minecraft?

Now you can!

This is our new account:”

Features of this map:
– A working timing system
– 9 wipeout parts

These parts are included in the map:
– 3 Jumping courses
– 2 Annoying piston jumping things
– 1 Boxing wall
– 1 Waterfall
– 1 Piston wave
– 1 Big red balls course

Download Wipeout MC

From the map author epicstructures

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Parkour Map V.2

GD Star Rating

“A unique style parkour map. DON’T FALL!”

Hello, This is version 2 of my famous and most successful map of mine – Prakour Map V.1. This map is much better and it has much iprovments, and like you wanted it’s longer. I Added: An Explosion Area, An Improved village And A Battle Arena if you want to play with a Friend. The map is also good as a server spawn.

Download Parkour Map V.2

From the map author bobgil

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SethBling’s Minecraft TNT Olympics

GD Star Rating

“An olympics map made by SB.”

Event Descriptions:
Javelin Throw:
Trap Shooting:
High Jump & Long Jump:
400m Hurdles and Gymnastics Vault:
Crew (Rowing):
Balance Beam
Synchronized Swimming:
Equestrianism (Horse Riding)

Download SethBling’s Minecraft TNT Olympics

From the map author SethBling

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Assassin’s Creep

GD Star Rating

“Texture Pack:
It’s highly recommended to use the texture pack!

NOTE: I didn’t make this Texture Pack, steelfeathers did”

If you Comp is too bad to run a 32×32 texure pack:
I suggest this texture pack:
But you can also play with the default textures


Assassins Creep is an open Parkour map in Assassin’s Creed style.
The objective of the map is too find all 9 Wool Blocks.
To obtain a wool block you’ll have to complete objectives.
Above each objective is a floating block with a unique colour, at the end of an objective there is a wool block in that colour, so you know which objectives are already done.

If you have all wool blocks you can enter the final dungeon
(Entrace is under the spawn room)

Can you also find all the hidden feathers,the 3 hidden diamonds and all the 9 “Wanted Posters”?

The map is also great fun in multiplayer,you can either play tag or you can finish the dungeons in co-op

*Play on peaceful
*Dont break any blocks
*Dont place any blocks
*No mods(You can use singleplayer commands to change time to day)
*Use the texture pack