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Player vs Player. Prepare for battle in the awesome minecraft maps


Base Attack

GD Star Rating

“In this minigame, players build bases on their plots. When the timer runs out, the walls fall down, and the 4 players battle it out until someone gets 20 kills!”

There are four players that can play this game. A red, a green, a yellow, and a blue player. They each get a 35×35 area to build on. They get 3 blocks every second to use to build their base. Then, once ten minutes is up, the walls fall down. Then the first player to twenty kills wins!!!
Download Base Attack

From the map author ConquerCraft

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Survival / Hunger Games (Contest) + CUSTOM TERRAIN

GD Star Rating

“A hunger games world that was made in a custom terrain I made. (For a Contest)”

Hello, this is the map I made for the contest. I made a custom terrain which took me 8 hours to create. All the inside of the map took me 10 hours to build. The map is very large has about 250 chests and much redstone traps.

Download Survival / Hunger Games (Contest) + CUSTOM TERRAIN

From the map author bobgil

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Blue Team

Team Fortress 2 1.7.2

GD Star Rating

“You have to choose between Red Team or Blue Team”

This map is an PvP map ( minimun 2 players ) and has got :

Spy Class

Medic Class

Soldier Class

Sniper Class
Download Team Fortress 2 1.7.2

From the map author CreeperGamingMc

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BattleField – Capture The Flag

GD Star Rating

“An awesome battle arena map that was built on a custom terrain I made! P.S THE OFFICIAL PICTURE IS IN PMC!”

Hello everyone, I made this ARENA map on a custom terrain I built and you need to capture the flag / kill each other (Multiplayer Map). There are 2 teams Blue and Red. Behind the Blue team there is a rollercoaster that leads you down to a little resort I built. This is an adventure map too so I added BIG caves and ores and stuff… This map took me like 20 hours of work so I hope you will all like it and leave a DIAMOND, or SUB.

Download BattleField – Capture The Flag

From the map author bobgil

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The Classy Game 2

GD Star Rating

“Welcome to The Classy Game 2! By classy I don’t mean something like normal. This PVP map is much more than that! By classy I mean a lot of classes! I am sure that you will have fun in this urban themed PVP map!”



Fight with your friends in this PVP map! You will be fighting in a city! With classes related to it, if you have not seen The Classy Game, then I recommend you to try it first! But it’s okay if you don’t want to. All in all there are _ classes. With an extra chest filled with __ _____ to help you win! This map is for 2-10 players, but if you want to have more than that then have it your way! If you play with 2 or more people, then don’t worry about accidentally hitting your teammates. Because the name tag of your team mates will be different from your opponents, and you won’t be able to hit your team mates! All classes have 5 lives each, giving each team 45 lives. If you die, your items will not scatter wherein your opponents or friends could use. It will be cleared in the clearing chamber. Each team has their own clearing chamber to prevent bugs. There are only 2 teams.

If you have any questions because there is a bug or you want me to add or remove something to the map then please email me at! Feel free to make videos about this map! I would really appreciate it! Please do not redistribute this map. This map is meant for multiplayer, so do not play this map by yourself, unless you want to explore it first! If you are playing this on a server, please enable command blocks and PVP. Since this map has been made in 1.7.2, please play it on this version to avoid any possible bugs!

Download The Classy Game 2

From the map author Chocolate67

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Training Dungeon

Dungeon Arena II

GD Star Rating

“Dungeon arena 2 is a mob arena map with 7 different arenas to fight in, 6 unique RPG classes, a shop system, unlocks, perks, custom mobs, bosses, and more.”

Map Info:
Progress though a series of themed mob dungeons. Kill mobs to earn gems and experience. Use gems to unlock dungeons, buy powerful custom items, and purchase unique perks. Select a class to fight with. Each class has its own strengths, weaknesses, and custom items. Upgrade your class using experience levels. The higher level classes are stronger.

The dungeons are wave based, spawn the waves using the button in the dungeon. Complete all the waves to earn bonus gems and experience. Harder dungeons have more waves, more mobs, and stronger foes, but yield greater rewards. Survive the horde of powerful monsters and beat the final dungeon to win. When you die you do not lose your items, but a small penalty will be applied. The mobs will not despawn from the dungeons, so you will have to defeat them all.

To unlock the final bonus dungeon you must beat the survival arena. To beat the survival arena stay alive in the arena for 20 minutes. Zombies will contiually spawn. Every minute the Zombies in the arena will become stronger. If you want to win, make sure you come prepared with lots of armor, weapons, and food. The survival arena is a great place to farm gems and experience. If you die in the survival arena you will be sent back to the base and the arena will be reset. If playing multiplayer, as long as there is one player alive in the arena, other players may join the arena for the cost of 75 gems. The arena will reset once there are no players alive in the arena.

If you find a dungeon to be too difficult, try farming in an easier dungeon, leveling up your class, or getting better gear; perks will also help you beat harder dungeons. The perks are very helpful. Once a perk is purchased it will be given to all players immediately. There are 4 difficulties that can be selected in the game options room.

Other Info:
Please feel free to make videos of this map. I enjoy watching them and they help me find and fix bugs. If you spot a bug, please report it in the comments below. Feel free to share this map with your friends, but please do not redistribute. To share this map please link to this map page directly. Give credit where credit is due. Thanks.

This map is multiplayer friendly, just make sure you enable command blocks in the server settings. Sadly PVP can not be turned off in the map; you might be able to turn PVP off in the server settings, but I don’t know if it will work. So be careful when playing with friends. No mods are required, the game is run by redstone and command blocks.

Make sure to read the in-game instructions for rules and other gameplay information. Also make sure you play using Minecraft version 1.7. This map has not been tested in Minecraft version 1.8 and many bugs may arise. There are known bugs if playing this map with Minecraft version 1.8. I will update this map to be 1.8 compatible once the 1.8 prerelease comes out.

Follow me on twitter to stay informed for my future map projects:

Download Dungeon Arena II

From the map author NateT_Bird

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Spawn Area

The Classy Game

GD Star Rating

“Battle your friends in this PVP minigame! The unique thing about this map is because of the name. It is called The Classy Game for a reason…”

Fight your friends in a PVP map with 10 classes with 5 lives each! And the best part? You get to use ALL the classes! That’s right! All! All of the classes has it’s own good thing and bad thing. For example, the **** class has the ****** ***** perk which could *** *** your opponent! (I put the * on purpose!) If you don’t want to play with all, you can play with only a certain number of classes that you want. You can play this game with 2-10 people. If there is an odd number of players, the weakest will choose the team that he/she wants. To make sure that players who run away won’t escape so easily, the arena has been covered in cobwebs. One of my favorite classes in the game is the creeper class. But I won’t spoil it for you. If you die you won’t scatter your items on the arena, it will be removed when you respawn. The purpose of the 2 scoreboards you see when you load the map is to keep track of your lives, IF you want that is, I won’t force you, but I recommend it.

If you have any questions because there is a bug or you want me to add something to it then post it in the comments! Feel free to make videos about this map! I would really appreciate it! Please do not redistribute this map. This map is meant for multiplayer, so do not play this map by yourself, unless you are the enemy! >:) If you are playing this on a server, please enable command blocks and PVP. Since this map has been made in 1.7.2, please play it on this version to avoid and possible bugs!

Download The Classy Game

From the map author Chocolate67

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Mandelbulb PVP Map

GD Star Rating

“Huge Map (From Top To Bottom)
Great scenery
7 Teams
Spectators Area”

How To Play:
All players start the Game with resistance 4 for 10mins ( use this time to farm resources)
Trade in resources for items and building materials
Set up your Base Defenses ( Your Enemies are close by)
Protect your Villagers
Each Team has 10 Lives each
Race to the Center For Awesome Stuff

Have Fun,