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“A PVP action map based on SkyBlock and Walls. Players will have 15 minutes to prepare their island before the bridges start to form.”

Bridges is a good PVP map created by Euandraws (for the Redstone and Server Control) and Spikey56 for the buildings and islands. This multiplayer PVP map is inspired on SkyBlock map and the PVP map Walls. In this map, players will have 15 minutes to prepare any defenses, traps, or offensive strategy. After the said time, the bridge will start to generate and players will be hunting each other until 1 survivor is left.


The map starts in the main lobby in the middle up in the sky of the map! Read the rules and info! When ready teams must stand next to the button and one of them must press it! Make sure that other teams are at least 10 blocks away! Last team must hit start button then click there team button straight away! There are 4 Teams and max in a team is 2!

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From the map author Euandraws and Spikey56

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BRIDGES, 9.0 out of 10 based on 253 ratings

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