Cake Defense 2

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“Defend the cake from 24 waves of Herobrine’s ruthless minions in this awesome game map!”

The 2nd installation of the Cake Defense Map created by Disco_. This map features 25 mob types that are Herobrine’s minion, player ability upgrades, player special abilities, and more. The map can be played with up to 3 players as they defend their cake against 24 monster waves.

In the early waves the bow is your friend.
Get the Double Gold ability whenever you can afford it.
There is normally a candle that is not spawning mobs in the early rounds. Use it
In multiplayer work together in the same area of the cake.
If you are having any problems reset the game by:
Type /gamemode c
Fly up and press the Admin button (above the next wave button)
Press Reset Game
Command blocks need to be enabled on servers
This game is not compatible with Bukkit

OCD texture pack:

Download Cake Defense 2

From the map author Disco

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Cake Defense 2, 9.0 out of 10 based on 294 ratings

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