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Ghost Squadron

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“The farmous theme-based PVP mini-game where all players from both team are invisible!”

Another awesome map and concept from SethBling that features four PVP arena maps and six classes to choose from. This team-based PVP game clashes two team (both composed with invisible players) until one man is left. Perfect for PVP servers that want to have a unique multiplayer experience.

Ghost Squadron is a team-based PvP minigame where everyone is invisible. Features four maps (by Vechs) and six classes. You can see your teammates in ghostly form, but you can only see your enemies for their particles, or if they reveal themselves to you by using an item.

No breaking or placing blocks
No team griefing or sabotage
No sharing gear or equipment with teammates
Once you die, you’re out of the round, and you spectate
No helping your team once you’re a spectator
The team with the last man standing is the winner
Don’t be a dick

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From the map author SethBling

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Ghost Squadron, 8.9 out of 10 based on 66 ratings

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