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“An innovative war map where two teams fight in possession of the beacon! The game has many interesting characters/animals to choose from.”

Hoodoo is an asymmetrical attack/defense map created by map maker last_username. In this multiplayer map two teams fight for the beacon. The two teams are Invaders and Defenders. Invaders are given 20 minutes to destroy the beacon while the defenders defend it. The map features 5 different animals to choose from each with their own unique abilities.


The Defenders are supplied with weapons, armor, TNT, and various materials they can use to build their defences. There are also teleporters in the map that only the Defenders can use.

The Invaders can take the form of 5 different animals, each with their own unique abilities:

Rabbit – moves fast and an excellent jumper
Wolf – a warrior with a very powerful sword
Eagle – an archer with an ender pearl
Beaver – a builder/support class with many blocks, tools, and potions
Elephant – a slow moving fortress armed with TNT and knockback resistance

Hoodoo is intricate and intense while staying fun and easy to learn. It is the product of over 7 months of development and hundreds of private matches to refine and balance the gameplay. I hope you have as much fun playing it as my friends and I had making it!

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HOODOO, 8.7 out of 10 based on 76 ratings

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