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In 2098 a company was created by two brothers called Telvik Laboratories. They company was extremely popular as they were the leaders in technology for all things futuristic. In 2110 one of the brothers decided that he should earn more than his sibling because he believed he worked harder. The other brother did not agree, they had arguments and finally split the company in two. One was called White Mesa, and the other, Mineachure Laboratories. Ever since, the two companies have been arch rivals in the world of technology always one upping each other.

Fast forward 24 years, and the world is corrupted by a virus that turns normal people into Zombies! Civilizations have been crushed and the world’s population has gone down 99%. You’re one of the lucky ones, You were born with a special gene that blocks the virus from taking effect. The downside is, you are still a host, spreading the infection wherever you go. One day, you find an abandoned facility. You can’t make out the company name but it looks safe enough. You wander inside. You are not alone though. A tap on your shoulder sends you spinning around and ready for a fight, but there is just a frail old man, with a story. He tells you that he used to work here, and he knows about a cure. You’re no hero, but if this is a chance to take back the life you once had, you would do anything to take it. The old man says the you must venture into this forsaken place, deep below the surface, to where the testing began, and that you would find the cure. This is your task, make the most of it.

From the Creators of Zombie Castle Defenders, Hello and welcome to Kino Der Minecraft! A Zombie Survival game like none other. Join our hero(s) as they fight to take back the world they once knew. Survive wave upon wave of ruthless attacks. Unlock weapons, new rooms, and even a Mystery Box! As you journey into the forsaken laboratory you will find journals that once belonged to a Doctor in the lab. Search for clues and even the Cure!


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  1. Exactly what seriously inspired you to write “Kino Der Minecraft
    | Minecraft Maps”? Ihonestly liked the post! Thanks for your
    time -Kandy

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