the maze

The Minotaur’s Maze

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“A PVP mini-game map that features an innovation of the hide and seek concept. Find your Minotaur friend and kill him! “

A maze like PVP map created by maclman. The Minotaur’s Maze is a multiplayer game where one player gets to be the minotaur while the other players will go around the maze looking for the minotaur and tries to kill it, before it kills them first. Play an innovative hide and seek with your friends in this wonderful map.


Things to note:
1 emeralds are gained every minute or so
2 play in adventure gamemode
3 the jump boost potion does not let you jump over walls
4 have fun!

Download The Minotaur’s Maze

From the map author maclman

Map Views - 114,306



The Minotaur's Maze, 8.2 out of 10 based on 98 ratings

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