The tower defense path! Push or pull the zombies to the lava!

Tower Defense Map

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“Protect the heart of your castle from waves of zombies in this fun tower defense game in minecraft!”

As the title implies, Tower Defense Map is TDgame inspired map created by OTTOPI for more than 50 hours. This map features waves of hungry zombies following a path to the heart of your castle. You must use snow golems, fishing rods, bows, and more to prevent them from reaching the castle’s heart.

It’s done. My first gigantic project ever. Over 50 hours of Building.

WHAT is this?

This is a Minecraft Tower Defense. Zombies will spawn. They’ll follow a path. They will try to get to the Heart of your Castle. And you’re the person to stop them.


Snow Golems!
Fishing Rods!
Iron Swords!
and much more…

Download Tower Defense Map

From the map author OTTOPI

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Tower Defense Map, 8.1 out of 10 based on 100 ratings

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