How to Install a Minecraft Map?


Don’t worry Miner, its easy to install a minecraft map! Watch this video or carefully go through the instructions below. Mine Hard!

Installing a Minecraft Map on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

Step 1 – Download the Map!

Step 2 – Go to your start bar and click the the run button type and type “%appdata%”, then press enter.

Step 3 – Find the “.Minecraft” folder and open it

Step 4 – Open the saves folder and you will find all your other saved minecraft maps

Step 5 – Drag and drop the map from where you downloaded it to this “saves” folder. If it is in a zip, rar or archived file then unzip it.

Step 6 – Play your custom minecraft map!

Step 7 – Find a box and then make a hole in the box……



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