Amnesia: The Dark Descent in Minecraft

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From The Author lolo500

For those who don’t know, Amnesia is a survival horror game, it takes place at a creepy and abandoned castle, the Brennenburg Castle, in the middle of the old Prussian woods. You wake up in an amnesia state of 90% inside this scary place, you have to find what’s happening and put and end to it, but you will also have to deal with the horrors that follow you, the brutes, grunts, waterlurkers and the living nightmare, the shadow… All you can remember is that this demon (The Shadow) is following you and you have to stop baron of the castle Alexander of Brennenburg, however, you forgot why, as soon as you progress, throught flashbacks and notes, you will remember why you are after him and why all these horrors are chasing you down…

Map Areas:

Rainy Hall
Old Archives
Main Hall
Wine Cellar
Cellar Archives
Archive Tunnels
Back Hall
Guest Room
Study Room
Machine Room
Prison Southern Block
Prison Northern Block
Cistern Entrance
Control Room
Transept/Transept Torture Rooms
Choir Entrance
Choir Main Hall/Choir Torture Rooms
Mines (not included in Amnesia)
Inner Sanctum
Orb Chamber
Shadow Void (not included in Amnesia)
Endings (not the same one from Amnesia)

From start to Archive Tunnels, map is very similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and from the Back Hall until the map ending, map is made at 1:1 scale in most of his aspects.

Map includes:

From 4 to 5 hours of gameplay (depends if you have played Amnesia before)
Escape parts
Scary enemies
Puzzles from Amnesia
Not the same endings from Amnesia
Explore areas
Time Trials
Jumping Courses
Easter eggs
Redstone and pistons mechanisms
New textures, new menu background and new menu splash texts
A never seen before soundtrack and effect system that will make you feel the horror in the atmosphere & a lot of other features!


Amnesia: The Dark Descent in Minecraft , 9.0 out of 10 based on 286 ratings

2 thoughts on “Amnesia: The Dark Descent in Minecraft

  1. dawiz300 on

    It was really disapoting map, not een scary. I though it could be much better then this. the answer is to get all the keys and then just rush to the ladder. Really boring map.

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    • dawiz300 on

      sorry not this one. i was talkin about A night in that Hotel.

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