Area 51 Horror Map

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“Area 51 is a new scary/horror and adventure map. It take 20/30 minutes and for 1.7.2. Good dreaming -.-“

Area 51 Horror Map!
Secret of Area 51 is……

Map has 20/30 minutes.
Is resource pack for this map… so don’t forget!

PLAY AT 1.7.2+

Very scary and adventure.

– Adventure Mode
– Checkpoints: Spawnpoints by CommandBlock.
– A lot of scary moments, sounds, foods, books and more….
-Scary as Hell, A lot of jumpscares, Camera, Cards, Flashes….

(Video Settings)
Render Distance:Tiny, 2 Chunks
View Bobbing:ON
TURN ON THE FOG. (If you have optifine).

Sound: 100%
Difficulty: Peaceful

If you are playing at multiplayer, give true toenable-command-block=true

If you found problem, report to me.

Download Area 51 Horror Map

From the map author Gaermine

Map Views - 332,678



Area 51 Horror Map, 8.8 out of 10 based on 726 ratings

5 thoughts on “Area 51 Horror Map

  1. Profile photo of Xavier ten Hove

    This a really good horror map!
    This is my first horror map in minecraft that I have played and maby the last one…
    He was so SCARY!
    And I have record this for YouTube to!
    Man You are good!

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  2. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss on

    in gm 1 with the default resource pack it isnt scary at all

    GD Star Rating
  3. Profile photo of Linus Rudmann

    I have a complaint:
    It doesn’t work. I hit the button and I see herobrine teleport around and the darkness surrounds me and it asks me do you want to skip the introduction? (Yes) (No) and thats it.
    It sucks. PERIOD……..

    GD Star Rating

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