Area 51 Horror Map

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“Area 51 is a new scary/horror and adventure map. It take 20/30 minutes and for 1.7.2. Good dreaming -.-”

Area 51 Horror Map!
Secret of Area 51 is……

Map has 20/30 minutes.
Is resource pack for this map… so don’t forget!

PLAY AT 1.7.2+

Very scary and adventure.

- Adventure Mode
- Checkpoints: Spawnpoints by CommandBlock.
- A lot of scary moments, sounds, foods, books and more….
-Scary as Hell, A lot of jumpscares, Camera, Cards, Flashes….

(Video Settings)
Render Distance:Tiny, 2 Chunks
View Bobbing:ON
TURN ON THE FOG. (If you have optifine).

Sound: 100%
Difficulty: Peaceful

If you are playing at multiplayer, give true toenable-command-block=true

If you found problem, report to me.

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From the map author Gaermine

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Area 51 Horror Map, 8.9 out of 10 based on 361 ratings

2 thoughts on “Area 51 Horror Map

  1. Avatar of Xavier ten Hove

    This a really good horror map!
    This is my first horror map in minecraft that I have played and maby the last one…
    He was so SCARY!
    And I have record this for YouTube to!
    Man You are good!

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