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“Battle against your opponents and start the great calamity in this gloomy 3v3 multiplayer PVP map!”

This PVP 2-lane map is ideal to be played by 6 players in a 3 versus 3 team. Defend your camp, gather resources, and initiate an assault to reach the enemy’s base. Activate the prototype engine on your base while defending the one in your own. Keep the enemy’s engine on for a long time to cause a great calamity and be the victor.

Gather five of your friends to collect resources and overrun your enemy’s base. Start up the machine. Let it run for long enough and you’ll be sure to cause a calamity!

Welcome to Calamity by Moesh, a two-lane attack and defend map in the style of


From the map author Moesh

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CALAMITY, 8.9 out of 10 based on 96 ratings

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