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“A visually unique Minecraft puzzle map where players navigate their way through a series of 3 dimensional rooms.”

Updated to version 1.7

Uncover the truth as you navigate your way to find the answer in this cube-like puzzle called “Complex”. Travel from one room to another and survive the traps and challenges. Solve the puzzles to ultimately obtain the emerald key and reveal the original, untold story about the world of Minecraft.

“The answer lies before you.
But the only way to the answer is to find the key.
And the only way to the key, is to enter the Complex.”

This is my first adventure map. This project took me about 2 weeks to construct.
“COMPLEX” is a Puzzle/Maze/Adventure map for Minecraft 1.5.1
There are elements of Parkour, but do not worry if you hate jumping, all Parkour is OPTIONAL.
Currently, Complex is for single player only. I haven’t decided to make a multiplayer version as of yet.
So stay tuned for any changes related to that.

Download COMPLEXDownload 2P Complex

From the map author qmagnet

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1.7 changelog – 05/26/13 
– Replaced all levers outside of Complex with Redstone Blocks to discourage griefing
– Biome layout redone Beach/Sky to possibly prevent squid spawning
– Added puzzle to diamond house
– TelepOREtation puzzle fixed for 2 Player Version
– Changed Emerald TelepOREtation to Lapis TelepOREtation
– Watermelons changed to apples
– Book titles changed to assist in final result
– Some puzzles made a bit easier to find UID
– Trapped chest hallway puzzle made harder
– Water columns made more difficult to stay on
– Better prize for successfully jumping Chest parkour
– Changed “The Wall” reference
– Various other minor tweaks and spelling fixes

Lets play by Grim Panda


COMPLEX, 9.0 out of 10 based on 103 ratings

4 thoughts on “COMPLEX

  1. qmagnet on

    Hey peeps
    There is now a 2 Player Version of this map available. But single player is definitely recommended.
    I also am furiously fixing bugs and such, so be sure to always get the latest version of this map.
    I constantly update the file over at the minecraft forums.

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  2. zombill on

    dude, this map is sick as fu*k!!! and i also like pink Floyd the Wall. you might like a map my brother and i made called EXTINCTIA….. it’s a quest/puzzle/parkour/maze/trading sequence kick ass map that took us 4 ever! i love yer map, never stop making cool maps like this, p.s. was this inspired by the cube series???

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  3. qmagnet on

    Yeah. The idea came from the architecture of the Cube movies. Glad you enjoyed the map!

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  4. Avatar of Daniel Carroll

    Hello! I have to say, this map is really cool! I would have thought this would take (literally) forever! I haven’t completed it, but I raged because my mind got “burst” due to the often “room circling”. I kept going around in circles! The use of the same room (almost) got me very confused! But other than that, this is a map that I recommend if you like having puzzles or “brain bursters”.

    P.S. I know what happens at the very end of the map though. I’m not going to reveal it, but there is 2 ways to finish, but the other one will be really hard to acheive. Other than that, nice redstone mechanism.

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