Dead Craft

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“You are the sole survivor of the space cargo ship, Fujikawa. Your crewmates have gone mad and your only salvation is to abandon ship. Battle against the mutated crews of the Fujikawa to get to the hanger for your escape!”

Dead Craft was inspired by the popular video game, Dead Space. It’s a hack and slash adventure map with plenty of custom enemies to fight.

Dead Craft Map Features:

– Customized monsters

– Many checkpoints for convenient respawn

– Custom items and potions

– Boss fights

– No mods needed


– It is highly recommended that you use Mine Wars texture pack to fully immerse yourself in the game. Click Here for Mine Wars texture pack.

– Single player only.

– Minecraft version 1.5.2
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From the map author ChronosPallas

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Dead Craft, 8.8 out of 10 based on 107 ratings

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