Egg Hunt

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“Collect all 23 eggs scattered across the map in this fun yet challenging egg hunt by Kaperly!”

Egg hunt is a fun map with a simple concept and goal, and that is to find all 23 eggs. Created by Kaperly, this map features fun and challenging areas to explore. Collect all 23 monster eggs to win! and Oh, don’t jump on the fences or fall in the nether. You can also play with your friend and see who can collect the most eggs!


Egg hunt is a fun map that I have been working on. The objective of the map is to search around and collect all of the monster eggs. There are 23 eggs scattered around the map.

If you would like to make a video and have me add it to this thread than please PM me with all of the information. If you do make a video you must link this thread in the description.

Be sure to share this in as many places as you can, show this map to youtube people to so they can make videos and share this.

1. Do not break or place any blocks.
2. Stay in surivival mode.
3. Play on peacful.
4. Do not jump the fence.
5. Make sure NOT to fall off in the nether

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From the map author Kaperly

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Egg Hunt, 7.6 out of 10 based on 20 ratings

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