Escape the Pyramid

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“The best adventure map you’ll ever play !
Guaranteed atleast 2 hours of fun
Play alone or with friends”

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From the map author AngyLPer

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It’s an adventure map called Pyramid Escape. I built it on a server (german speaking) without any mods, it took over 1 month.
The pyramid may look like a stare but it should be an 8 sided pyramid.
Inside the pyramid are 10 levels each one harder than the other one and you have to search for more than 64 hidden diamonds.
Do not break any blocks. Only wool (no blue and yellow)
Do not use any typs of mods.
Play on Peaceful or easy (it doesn`t matter)
Brightnes: Bright
You can play it alone or with others


Escape the Pyramid, 8.8 out of 10 based on 81 ratings

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