Lunapark Adventure 3

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“Lunapark Adventure is the biggiest Lunapark/Theme park in Minecraft! With a lot of mini-games, roller coasters, quests, water slides and more! For 1.5 and more!”

This is very old map (1.4.7) so sorry for some mistakes in map.. :(

Lunapark Adventure is adventure and very fun map!

BIGGEST LUNAPARK IN MINECRAFT (Theme park, Amusement park)
Over 9000+ downloads (Lunapark 1,2,3 together, english and czech language)

Play on peaceful, but sometimes you need easy or up.
Don’t destroy and place blocks, but sometimes you need place or destroy blocks.
Have fun!

Lunapark Adventure contains: (1,2,3 together)
55 Mini-games for Singleplayer or Multiplayer
18 Roller Coasters
21 Water slides or pools
9 Jumping games (Parkour)
4 Destroy 2nd ship by cannons or Fire Charge
3 Labyrinths
8+ Mega JumPs!
2 Arenas (Only for multiplayer)
and some fun quests!

I have problem with 1.5 version so sorry for any mistakes…
If you will play and ride all mini-games and roller coasters, map should be four hours. (Sry for English).

Map in Czech language (Cestina) Download:

Download Lunapark Adventure 3

From the map author Gaermine

Map Views - 179,226



Lunapark Adventure 3, 8.7 out of 10 based on 210 ratings

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