Asian-themed map created by three talented map creators.


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“An Asian-themed adventure map that is packed with extreme details based on the cultures of China, Japan and Tibet.”

An extremely detailed map crafted by three talented map makers. This epic map features custom mobs, incredible jaw-breaking landscapes, a lot of NPC side quests, 2 custom bosses, 4 hidden bosses, a cohesive storyline, and more. Download its custom texture pack as well to enjoy the breath-taking creations of this map.

“Hey this is GaoFurui, with my first ever attempt at an adventure map! I decided to make an extremely immersive and detailed map based on the cultures of China, Japan and Tibet! This project took me, Pikimon and Cesar123 over 8 months to complete and we hope that our hard work and labor pays off and that you thoroughly enjoy our map!”

From the map author GaoFurui, Pikimon & Cesar123

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THE MYSTERIOUS EAST, 8.7 out of 10 based on 38 ratings

2 thoughts on “THE MYSTERIOUS EAST”

  1. I love this map so much that all I can say is WOW. The landscape is flawless and the storyline is clear and intriguing. This is the best map i’ve played since “The Tourist”. With clever redstone and amazing sights, this map is something that everyone should download. Great job guys!

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