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Skygrid is one of puzzle, survival Minecraft map that can be played a thousand times over. its fun on your own or awesome with friends. You can make your own mini games with friends playing PVP and much more. A must for any Minecrafter.

SkyGrid is a challenging survival map for Minecraft in the style of SkyBlock. It’s formed out of a grid of random environmental blocks, with a gridlength of 4 meters. There are no rules, make whatever goals you want. Try and find the random chests and spawners placed throughout the map!

The nether is also in SkyGrid form
The end is not in SkyGrid form
There’s a single End Portal at x=0 and z=0, near the bottom of the map
Using the nether to escape the SkyGrid is cheating!



Skygrid!, 8.3 out of 10 based on 296 ratings

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