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Steca Town is a new adventure map made by NLCas8 and stefk. This is our first map so we aren’t well-known. If you like this map share it with you friends and if this map gets many downloads we’ll make a second part of the map. In this map there can be chunks that are not loaded but we can’t fix that. If there are other bugs, please tell us, because then we can fix that and make an update. Have fun with playing this map and thanks for downloading!!

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A fun map with (depending on skill) 2-3 hours worth of adventure. This map is designed for both solo and 2-4 player co-op, so good to bring some friends along to join in the fun!


Steca Town, 8.2 out of 10 based on 66 ratings

One thought on “Steca Town

  1. Love the architecture – BUT – way too hard in those dungeons! Less spawners/more torches, WAY more checkpoints, and more tools! Ender chests need to be placed before and after lava jumping puzzles. Once your sword is gone, game over! Some armour and more hidden chests would be nice too!

    Great start, though!

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