TES VI Valenwood

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“An open world RPG adventure map that utilizes Noppes Custom NPCs. Continue your Skyrim quest in The Elder Scoll 6 in Minecraft! With complete custom texturepack.”

Continuing you quest in Skyrim, you end up staying in Valenwood where you will encounter a dreaded foe. TES VI Valenwood is Melonslise’s creation of The Elder Scroll 6 based on the after story of the TES V: Skyrim. The map uses the Custom NPCs and requires players to use the included custom texturepack.

Please note this REQUIRES Custom NPCs by Noppes.


TES VI Valenwood is an open world RPG adventure map. As you were traveling to skyrim you were attacked by something very vile that you barely remember, now you’re staying in Valenwood. As you descover Valenwood surrounded by bosmer, you appear to find out not only that the Imperials have come but something else… something long vanished, dead. This can be played on multiplayer. This USES a CUSTOM texturepack – the textures are provided within the rar.

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From the map author Melonslise

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TES VI Valenwood , 8.9 out of 10 based on 150 ratings

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