The Dangerous West

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“A cool adventure map that features custom mobs, unique items, and challenging boss fights, all for vanilla minecraft!”

The Dangerous West is a cool adventure map with a nice story created by vicohen. The map is made for single player that features custom mobs, unique items, parkour puzzles, boss fights, aesthetic buildings, and much more. The map usually lasts 1 hour of game time and is meant for vanilla minecraft! Play with the recommended texture pack for fun!


You used to go by the name of Charles A. Hite as a construction worker in one of the largest towns in the wild west until you killed your wife, and became wanted for murder. Immediately, you changed your name, and ran away to a small town where you hoped to gain some money legally. After a disaster, you fell deep into the mines of a nearby mountain where you found out you were not alone. Download this adventure to save the town from the hidden extraterrestrial life!

Note: This map was made for Single-Player, but could be played Co-Op
Note: Your score is your total kills at the end of the map. Make sure you post how well you did in the comments!

RECOMMENDED TEXTUREPACK:—resource-pack-western/

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From the map author vicohen

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The Dangerous West, 8.8 out of 10 based on 23 ratings

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