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From the map author Smackboy

The Hunger Games minecraft 1.3.2

The rules for the Hunger Games are simple. 24 tributes will fight for their lives on a arena of beautiful nature, awesome redstone contraptions and gruesome traps. I have been inspired by all the good hunger games out there, and mixed them together to make a cocktail of pure fun and excitement. When i first played the Hunger Games 4 months ago i felt like it was the best map made for minecraft ever, but i wanted to make my own, so here it is.

Rules for The Hunger Games:
# Only one player can win The Hunger Games; The last tribute standing wins.
# All sorts of pvp is allowed, even lava buckets and axes.
# Tributes may not break any blocks except for vines, mushrooms and leaves.
# It is forbidden to enter the host house.
# All of the tributes will enter the arena with no items in their inventory.
# Tributes shall only place blocks found in chests.
# All sorts of hacking, cheating and x-ray texture packs is forbidden.
# If any tribute breaks the rules, this will lead to instant ban, not knowing the rules will not help them.

Optional rules and tips:

# Tributes will not get apples by breaking leaves.
# Natural disaster mods may be installed
# Tributes may return to cornucopia once in the game if they get stuck, but then they will also loose all of their items
# Any sponsor system may be added.
# Pvp is not allowed the first fifteen seconds of The Hunger Games

Youtube video is another map, and it is not me playing, but it is for you to see what the hunger games is!


The Hunger Games, 7.9 out of 10 based on 253 ratings

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