Time travel- The 7 days

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“Once… Through many adventures…. You have became a spy. You have been became more than a spy.. but a secret agent. Once you get sent on a misson to kill the one who tried to kill you… Time travel comes.”

Hey guys, Minecrafter3000 here and welcome to the 3rd/4th part of time travel! Report any bugs and stuff please./misplaced blocks/No books in a chest/ etc. Hopefully you guys like it!

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From the map author Mattmatts

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Time travel- The 7 days, 8.9 out of 10 based on 65 ratings

One thought on “Time travel- The 7 days”

  1. Hi guys and now time travel isn’t my side seires…./short sieres like 1-3 episodes. IT IS MY MAIN SIERES.

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