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“A puzzle-filled adventure map for Minecraft version 1.5! Go back to school with the updated texturepack!”

YOU JUST GOT SCHOOLED! is a fun adventure map currently updated to minecraft version 1.5 and up. The map, created by ZeroG3651, features its own school-themed texture pack and more. Journey through a room filled with puzzles in your school in this fun custom map!




You want to play an adventure map about a journey through a magical and abandoned castle trying to save the world, right? Well you won’t find any of that here, by a long shot, but who cares! Because you don’t find cheap plastic posters in your local store that say “Journeys through magical and abandoned castles are COOL!!!”, you find cheap plastic posters that say “SCHOOL IS COOL!” on them! This adventure map is based on school! Because we know how much you love it!

Your mission: Get out of the school! (No, you aren’t playing hookie, school just ended and you wanna get home).

The Rules

1: Play on peaceful
2: Don’t break or place any blocks (Unless told)
3: You may use items to create blocks/items
4: You may place buttons/levers ONLY near doors.
5: Play with the school texture pack
6: No killing Mobs (Sheep, Pigs, ect). You may only kill squid. (Cuz ya know, squid are only the most annoying peaceful mob ever)
7: (Optional) Play during the day. Night makes it too hard to see. On a server, there are usually commands that allow you to change the time of day. (/time 0, or /time day if you are using essentials).
8: HAVE FUN! (If I didn’t add this, I’d feel inferior to other maps, so here it is.)

The Notes

*When you first enter the map, you’ll probably spawn somewhere randomly around the spawn point, usually outside the school. A good way to fix this is death, I heartily recommend suicide. No really, it will respawn you where you’re supposed to be, inside the school. (Not in real life of course, unless you’re depressed and have your parents’ permission)
NOTE: Now in the current version of minecraft, killing yourself will spawn you around or on the building, but not inside of it. You must break a few blocks to get in, sadly! *UPDATE-Now you can go through a vent into the room*

*Relatively Short with a confusing tileset!

*If you have any problems with the current version, be sure to comment or pm me.

If you’re stuck at the “levers code” part, check out this spoiler…


From the map author ZeroG3651

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YOU JUST GOT SCHOOLED! , 9.0 out of 10 based on 119 ratings

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