Zombie Island [Modded Map]

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“Featuring a nice story and a zombie-filled island, shoot your way to the mad scientist using ferullos guns mod!”


Zombie Island by kyle6679 is an adventure/ story map that requires the ferullos guns mod. Following the well thought-off story, you have to battle and shoot your way through zombies and other monsters to find your way and defeat the Mad Scientist.

Main Storyline: You are trapped in a sunken airplane. You need to get out of there. Suddenly you meet someone that saved you and helped you in the apocalypse. He will guide you to defeating the Mad Scientist. Remember: Set your difficulty to normal or easy before joining the game. ( Or the Boss wont be there)

Mod Required:


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From the map author kyle6679

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Zombie Island [Modded Map], 7.9 out of 10 based on 76 ratings

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