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This Redstone tutorial maps isnt just for Noobs. Wether your new to minecraft, a casual miner or the ultimate minecraft nerd you will most likely learn somthing and have a bit of fun moving through this map.

The early tutorials take you through the redstone basics while medium to advanced will have you learning how to make a door in minecraft unlockable digital pad style.

Give this map a go if you want to see some redstone logic in the works. Their is a nice little bonus at the end too ;).


Info:  This is a redstone tutorial that can teach anyone the basics, and advances, of redstone. This tutorial features 4 areas that specify in certain things. There is (in order of complexity) Redstone for dummies, Redstone for beginners, Redstone concepts, and Advanced Redstone. Currently, only Redstone for Dummies and Redstone concepts are finished, but I am working on the other two.

Basic rules: Try not to place/break any blocks unless directed to, mods are fine, and keep it on peaceful mode.


Minecraft Redstone Tutorial Map, 8.1 out of 10 based on 120 ratings

4 thoughts on “Minecraft Redstone Tutorial Map

  1. ??? Guy on

    Although somewhat short, I enjoyed this little map. I’m just waiting for the other sections to be complete.

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  2. Avatar of Jon

    Loved the map, was a great pleasure to go through the beginner level, Will be watching out for a new one with the other two tutorial spots!:)

    Rated: 9/10 (just because of completion not being done<3)

    PS: I made some simple changes to the map to streamline it, and clean it up a little feel free to check it out (If you want to use it, feel free, just creds.<3):

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