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“Draw your things in this innovative and fun minecraft mini game map!”

BUILD MY THING! is an innovative and creative minecraft map created by talented map maker tRmz. This mini-game map is based on the game draw my thing, In this map, you’ll have the ability to draw/build the things you want in a weird but creative way! A must try map.


Welcome to Build My Thing – a recreation of the famous free online game Draw My Thing!
The game is pretty basic but it took alot of redstone to actually create the entire game to make it work correctly.
Read on for more info.
Here is some basic map information you might need to know:

– The Map WILL need four players to be played properly (you can have five but one player has to be the score-keeper)
– Make sure Command Blocks are enabled!
– All instructions on how to play the game are built inside the game


From the map author tRmz

Map Views - 90,686



BUILD MY THING, 7.9 out of 10 based on 51 ratings

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