Herobrine’s Castle

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“In a dark, spooky night, you are alone, in a jungle, finding your house. Once you went out of the jungle, You saw a big castle and you saw in the entrance that the name of the castle, is Herobrine’s Castle.”

Herobrine’s Castle is, of course, for herobrine. This is also made for horror. You may also play hide n seek while one person is Herobrine and the rest are survivors. If you do however find herobrine for real in the map, please contact me in email. My email is: thebigshoesman.tf@gmail.com . If you’re scared of creepypastas are other stuff, It is recommended that you do not download this map.

Download Herobrine’s Castle

From the map author cool2647 [C&V/CandV]

Map Views - 100,512



Herobrine's Castle, 7.8 out of 10 based on 113 ratings

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