The Top 5 Minecraft Map Makers and Their Creations

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If your a noob or experienced Miner i bet your square hands you have heard of at least 1 of the following awesome Minecraft Map makers. These guys and gals make building an art taking Minecraft far past the vanilla building, mining and surviving.

Here are the top 5 Minecraft map makers in no particular order with some of their best creations.



Hypixel is made up of 2 guys from Canada. They have developed 20+ maps ranging from adventure, pvp and ingenious games like The Walls.

Our pick for there best maps –

They know nostalgia and have recreated tv shows and video games like Star Wars, Team Fortress 2 and DOTA.



Sethbling is the ultimate Minecraft inventor. Going through his long list of maps, awesome inventions and recreations of games like Tower Control, Peggle and Foosball.

His top picks include –

He also created MC Edit Filters and awesome videos like,



Team Vareide turned the Hunger Games in Minecraft into a truly mesmerizing experience.  Starting from the Survival Games 1 map all the way to there 5th installment each map is nearly perfectly set out in its own post apocalyptic awesomeness.

Besides making the best hunger games maps they also build sets and much more for Minecraft.



Disco has created some hugely popular maps you most likely have already played. Starting from the Temple of Notch, he has created everything from Plants Vs Zombies, calculators and his own texture pack.

Check out –


inHaze just doesnt create maps. He creates vast lands and terrains which give Minecraft a amazing new feel.

I’ll let this video do all the talking….

The custom terrain map pack is a good place to start if you haven’t played any of his maps. Shattered Land and the amazing Hillside Manor are must plays.

Who is your fav?

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Did we miss out on any? Add them in the comments.

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