Epic Butter Jump

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“A butter filled parkour map that features new parkour techniques and secret rooms.”

Epic Butter Jump is a new parkour map by map creator xolk2. This map encloses players into a butter (gold block) dungeon where they need to parkour their way to reach the end line. The map contains new parkour techniques which need to be applied, good redstone circuitry, 5 buttery levels and some hidden rooms, and more.

Hi there,

I’ve made my first map dedicated to youtuber Skydoesminecraft.
It contains 5 levels with unique kinds of jumping mechanics.
It also contains 2 hidden rooms which can be located using items found during the levels.
I hope you will enjoy it, all rooms are made out of butter

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From the map author xolk2

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Epic Butter Jump, 8.4 out of 10 based on 58 ratings

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