The ultimate parkour!

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“This parkour are just for fun,
test your parkour skills!:)”

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Download The ultimate parkour!

From the map author cashtire

Map Views - 52,186


This parkour is funny and difficult. You can play singleplayer and multiplayer.

Difficult: 7/10

Not destroy or place any block
Play on peaceful and adventure.
No commands/cheat except /tp {player] and /time set

Please follow the rules, and have fun!

Watch the trailer in the link below! :D


The ultimate parkour!, 7.9 out of 10 based on 106 ratings

6 thoughts on “The ultimate parkour!

  1. Schm1dtty on

    How do I use this? I downloaded “The Ultimate Parkour!.rar” as the only file. After placing it in the saves of my .minecraft, I started Minecraft up and the save is not there. Do you have a save folder or compressed zipped folder that I could use? I’m really interested in the map, but it doesn’t work. :(

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    • Henrik Filip on

      I think you just have to update your minecraft version, this is a 1.5 version of minecraft map.

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  2. Avatar of cashtire

    you remembered to open the rar file before you put it in saves?

    Do you use 7-zip or Winrar?

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