Custom Combat- Minecraft PVP Multiplayer Map

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“This map is made for PVP multiplayer. Everyone will be able to customize their own gear in the shop and use their gear to battle each other in our Arenas. “

Hello Crafters,

I have been working on a map for a couple of months now.

After fixing all the bugs, i believe that this map is ready for release.

The name of this map is Custom Combat.

It is meant for multiplayer for 2 – 4 players.

The concept of this map is for players to be able to battle each other with different weapons, gears, potions, and have different enchantments. You can choose your gear by purchasing items in the shop with your experience points.

There are currently two maps to choose from, Sand Party and Hotel.

If people are enjoying this map, we will continue to make more maps in the game.

How to Play:


1. Once in the spawn, you will see a button on the left side of the room to set game settings. Click this to turn on death counter and to keep your inventory on death among other things. There are also other settings in this room that you can choose from.

2. After turning on game settings, proceed to the next room to choose your player number. Only have one person per player.

3. You will then be given 60 EXP points and teleported into the shop. There you can use your exp points to purchase your gear.

Hint: There is also an enchantment room and potion room.

4. Once you are done shopping, head to the enchantment room and click Arena Selector.

5. There you will see two different maps, Sand Party and Hotel. Click the one that you wish to play in. You will then be teleported into another room. To get the spawn system started and be teleported into the map, place a minecart on the track and push it. Be patient, you will be teleported one by one the your chosen map.

6. You may begin playing the map once all players are spawned.
Note: If it is your first time playing, click the reset life system button to turn on the life system. This will teleport players who have 3 deaths to spectating mode. This button will be in the shop at Sand Party and at the bar in the lobby of Hotel.

7. Once someone has reached 3 deaths, they will be teleported into a room and enter spectating mode.

8. When everyone has died, click the Reset Game button to reset the game. This button will be located beside the washroom in Sand Party, and in the bar at the Hotel.

Have Fun!


1. Do not break blocks.

2. Do not take items out of dispensers.

3. Other items you find can be used to your advantage.

If you had fun playing this map, don’t forget to share with your friends!

Also leave any suggestions and comments for us below.

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