Ship Wars PVP

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“Battle with your friends on a ship with your custom gears and weapons.”

This PVP map is based upon a ship which you can battle with your friends on. The PVP map uses a trading system where you can buy different weapons and gears from villagers to prepare for the fight. There are 4 types of equipment and gears: Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Armour and Equipment.
Each weapon/equipment category is divided into 3 tiers (Tier I, II and III), so there is a pretty wide choice of gears. You can have up to 6561 different combinations!

You can play with as many players as you like, as you can divide them into 4 teams to fight.
You can also spawn a bunch of mobs and play singleplayer, but it’s much less fun.
Don’t kill the villagers!
There’s a spectator stand for spectators to watch the fight.
You will be given 5 seconds of Resistance V when you join the game, to profect you from camping.
I used MCEdit to make that trading system.

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From the map author LordHerobrineMC

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