1.5.1 Mysterious Fort with Mega Mall Alpha

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Survival map
Starting chest
Item mall for use with XP
Food shop for use with XP
Tower with many floors and challenges
Secret passage ways
Hidden easter eggs
Limited Resources
Future map updates to come

Alpha version”

Up to a challenge?

Think you’re better than the “average” Minecraft player?

Tired of the same thing over and over?

This map is what you’re looking for! Featuring a HUGE fort with more than 5 floors of puzzles, traps, and endless monsters. Also included is the brand new Mega Mall and Food store! Finally something you use your experience for except just enchanting (enchanting table is still accessible and able to use experience with)

Several hidden Easter eggs have also been added, with updates to come!

Come be one of our testers and give us some ideas or feedback!

Download 1.5.1 Mysterious Fort with Mega Mall Alpha

From the map author ThreeChinksAndAJew

Map Views - 45,024


1.5.1 Mysterious Fort with Mega Mall Alpha, 6.5 out of 10 based on 21 ratings

8 thoughts on “1.5.1 Mysterious Fort with Mega Mall Alpha

  1. Avatar of ThreeChinksAndAJew

    Haha! We’re a group of friends and that’s the first thing we came up with. Tell your friends about us! Trying to get some exposure on our map to work out any kinks before major updates. Thanks!

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