A Shopping Survival

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“Gather enough currency and study trade routes as you gather enough resources and buy the necessary items to survive.”

Starting off with two gold nuggets as your only money, you have to work yourself up by trading and gathering. Buy, grow, mine, and sell is your key to survival in this well thought of map. Trade with villagers and study their trade routes as you struggle your way to survive.

Welcome Visitiors, A Shopping Survival is another custom map made by me magiciandark!
A Shopping Survival Is A Different Take On A Survival Island.
Your Goal Is To get resources to trade with the villagers to build up currency. Once You Have enough money (gold nuggets) then you can buy items that will immensely help you to survive.

You Start Out With two golden nuggets so use them wisely. Make sure you look at all the trades beforeyou spend them.

Good Luck!

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From the map author 1.5.1, survival map, trading, villager, shopping Magiciandark

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A Shopping Survival, 8.9 out of 10 based on 73 ratings

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