Minecraft Survival Island [1.6.4]

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“Minecraft Survival island is a map of fun and adventure you stuck in the middle of the ocean trying to survive you find many island and many new adventure tasks and ability will You Find The Secrets or Not”

minecraft Survival Island is a wonderful map first of all there are 4 island and 2 hold secrets you will have tasks and much fun the started kit is on the island made of gravel all you have to do it mine the block in the middle as you should see when you start your xp is max if you die you do not lose it if your playing multiplayer in the starter kit there are bottles 0 enchanting
but you will have to share weapons wish you luck in your new Adventure

[People Who Rate Without Downloading]
I’ve noticed that some of you look at the pictures and don’t even play the map you just rate please play the map first and then rate

Hey guys if you’ve downloaded this game and are doing you tube please send the first episode to nikolasb@wp.pl and i might put them up for this map.

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From the map author zmortal

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Minecraft Survival Island [1.6.4], 8.3 out of 10 based on 112 ratings

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