Sky Pyramid

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“A sky block themed map where you need to survive on top of the floating inverted pyramid.”

Sky Pyramid is a sky block themed survival map that features many challenges. Gather the limited resources and try not to slip. Tackle different challenges such as making a monster trap, collecting 10 glowstone blocks, creating a giant tree, and more to increase difficulty and enjoy the map.


– do not fly.
– do not use any mods, hacks, etc.
– Play on atleast easy difficulty.
– have fun.


1.- expand your pyramid.(this doesn’t need to be in a shape of a pyramid.)
2.- make a cobblestone generator.
3.- make a house.
4.- make a monster trap.
5.- make an automatic cactus farm.
6.- make a melon farm.
7.- make a sugarcane farm.
8.- make atleast 10 more platforms.
9.- make a pumpkin farm.
10.- make a nether portal.
11.- collect 10 netherrack block.
12.- collect 10 glowstone blocks.
13.- make a bed.
14.- make a tree farm with atleast 10 trees.
15.- make a new pyramid of atleast 10 layers.
16.- find all 3 hidden chests.(both for normal and harcore mode.)
17.- get 20 enderpearls
18.- build a second story to your house.
19.- build a tower from the lowest level you can get to skylimit.
20.- build a gaint tree.(only for hardcore mode.)
21.(extra)- get 20 saplings of every kind of tree.

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From the map author nathanisme

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Sky Pyramid, 8.9 out of 10 based on 389 ratings

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