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“A sky-block themed PVP war map created by xkiqui. Fight with your friends and push them to oblivion!”

SkyBlock War is a pvp game map created by xkiqu and is inspired by skyblock maps. In this map, 2 players will bout in a pvp bed war while surviving the floating islands. The goal in this game is to survive your tiny island and gather enough resources to destroy your enemies bed and kill him.


Hello everyone!

Today, I bring you this map which basically consists of a 1v1 pvp bed war, while surviving on a SkyBlock. You will need to survive, make weapons and armor to destroy the enemy bed and kill him.

-No hacks/cheats
-You are not allowed to break chests, you can only open them.
-Have fun!

This is a work in progress, please report all problems/glitches, and suggestions to make this map better and more enjoyable!


From the map author xkiqui

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SKYBLOCK WAR, 8.6 out of 10 based on 104 ratings

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