Survival Island

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Download Link of this Minecraft Map:

Who would have thought a simple small map could be so competitive and awesome.

Its awesome to play with a few friends or by yourself to test out your survival skills.

Survival Island Map for Minecraft 1.2.5
Survival Island maps has 3 maps all together.
Don’t leave the island.
The difficulty should be normal +.
Post pictures of your accomplishments!
Bookmark the original post if you find it interesting.
No hacking.
Have fun!
Challenges/ Goals to Accomplish
Build a 2 story house with 20+ windows in it.
Build 10 bookshelves.
Create an automated cactus farm.
Create an underground tree farm.
Create an above ground mob/animal trap.
Build a water trap around the skeleton spawner.
Build a cart system.
Make something with redstone.
Gather 10 unused diamonds.
Find the treasure of the Lost Curator.



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