The Lands of Reminiscence

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“A custom survival map with huge mountains, custom rivers, hidden treasures, NPC trading villages, and much more.”

The Lands of Reminiscence is a free-roam, do-anything you want survival map created by Cl3minou. This custom map features ruins, custom rivers, hidden treasures, snow cap mountains, and much more. The map’s custom landscape is great with shaders!


I’m Cl3minou, French map-maker. You can find here my two most famous survival adventure maps.
They contains custom landscapes, dungeons and more !

The Lands of Reminiscence is a survival map that can be played in single and multi players. The map is made to be played as you wish, there is no restriction.
It contain everything needed to play as a survival map, such as ores, caves, and various landscapes. But it also contain features to bring an adventure to the gameplay, such as custom villages and dungeons, custom NPC trades and hidden treasures.
It’s a map that let you choose what you do, but what would you do in this vast world ? Would you explore the landscapes ? Would you complete the dungeons ? Build the castle of your dream ? Defeat the Ender dragon ?

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From the map author Cl3minou

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The Lands of Reminiscence, 9.1 out of 10 based on 114 ratings

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