Wormhole Survival

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“Explore unique biomes and survive as you teleport yourself back home.”

While studying wormholes, an anomaly causes the generator to teleport you to several random worlds where you need to survive. Find a way to teleport yourself back to your home as you jump from one world to another in this amazing survival map.

Wormhole Survival background story:
You are a top scientist studying wormholes. You are testing a wormhole generator at your laboratory when your wormhole generator goes on the fritz. Now you are being teleported to different worlds at random. Can you survive long enough to make it back home?
Map description:
Wormhole Survival is a survival map similar to Skyblock or World in a Jar.
Like World in a Jar there are several distinct and isolated biomes, only in Wormhole Survival, each biome can only be reached by teleportation.
A randomizer selects a new biome to teleport you to every sunset and sunrise.
You have no ability to control where you will end up next.
Can you survive long enough for the wormhole generator to teleport you back home?

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From the map author Calisto_iRedux

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Wormhole Survival, 8.6 out of 10 based on 64 ratings

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