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“A full blown adventure survival map for Minecraft 1.4.7 and above. Survive as a castaway and complete the story. “

Castaway Island is a full blown adventure survival map for Minecraft 1.4.7 and above created by Megameatloaf. In this map, tha player must survive as a castaway and complete the story. The map can be played in singleplayer and multiplayer. To get more information about the map, head over to..

or simply click the map creator’s name!


Live Action Introduction
Yes that’s right… Castaway Island features its very own blockbuster style, explosion ridden, Live Action Introduction that will have you literally jumping for your life. The perfect start to your Adventure of Survival <3

Hand Sculpted World full of secrets, adventure and beautiful scenary
The entire map has been hand sculpted. The majority of what you find has been completely handcrafted after hours of labor. Adventuring off your island when you are ready will reward you in many spectacular ways! Plunder the Lost Treasure from the Spanish Galleon, Visit the nether through the mysterious portal on Netherglade island, Build a snowman on Snowdrop island. Harvest the rewards from the Fertile Lands! Pick melons from the Melo-Lands There are secrets hidden EVERYWHERE. Taking your time to explore each and every island can be extremely rewarding!

A revolutionary new challenge system.
Beneath Challenge island rests the Challenge halls. Inside you will find over 35 challenges and a unique Map Room to help you find your way about. The challenges come in three forms.

Exploration challenges will encourage you to explore your Island and even visit distant ones! Each challenge will reward you in unique ways and provide you with a variety of exotic loot! They also help you to explore the surrounding map and appreciate the level of detail that has gone into the map in general.
Build Challenges will encourage you to bunker down on Castaway Island and truly turn it into a very unique and completely personalized place to call home. All the challenges are open to interpretation… there’s no right or wrong way to build your tree-house glass bottomed hot-tub or setup your S.O.S signal. These challenges will test you AND your friends imaginations and skills like never before!
Crafting Challenges are designed to push your knowledge and skills of Minecraft. You will need to delve deep underground or travel to exotic locations to complete these tasks. All the tasks are well thought out and meaningful. Don’t worry… there’s no ‘collect 100 diamonds’ or anything like that =3
Non Linear Quests
There’s a whole range of open ended quests with varying degrees of difficulty. There are no linear paths, and you may approach your objectives from any angle you want.There are no set rules in Castaway Island as there are none in Minecraft.The Quests will require multiple skills and out of the box thinking to complete. Fight your way on board the Lost Spanish Galleon, Hold your breath to save Boris the Pumpkin! Think quickly to steal the Phoenix’s hidden treasure! Solve the clues to find the Diamond armor of the Lost Hero… then spend another hour figuring out how to get to it! Get completely and totally utterly lost in a decaying stronghold searching for the Diamond Prism

Alignment Challenges
With the v1.0 update many things were improved and changed. But most notable was the introduction of the new Elite Quest. Solve the clues and delve deep underground to discover the Vita Aurea Caverns. A HUGE delicate underground oasis with its own first ever Alignment Challenge Hall. Will you reap the rewards of the Caverns for your own greed and benefit, turning it into a desolate dump… or will your carefully take up residence there as the new Curator and swear to uphold its natural beauty… Maybe you will do a bit of both? As with everything on Castaway Island, the choice is yours…

An Ideal starting point for Let’s Play’s and Video story Series
Castaway Island is like a giant ball of play dough. You can manipulate it and make of it want you want! Right down to the Blockbuster style Live Action Introduction, I believe Castaway Island to be one of the best options for a Let’s Play or other video series. There are quests to take you on adventures, Amazing sights to be seen, Unique Memories to be created & Challenges to give you direction and focus! Castaway Island provides you and your friends with an open-ended sandbox style world, All of it carefully and lovingly handcrafted to be interesting, action packed and full of surprises. If you feel your finished with Castaway Island or want to continue your adventure on solid land, Simply head outside the area visible on the map and you will begin to generate brand new chunks of random biomes. The mountain range far to the north is particularly scenic =] The best of the Let’s Play’s are featured on the front page!

No Rules. No Readme.txt’s… Just fun!
There are no set rules on Castaway Island. You may build, modify, destroy, burn and punch whatever you wish. Minecraft is all about shaping the world around you. Why should it stop with custom maps? There are also no Readme.txt’s, no more alt tabbing. Everything is done in-game via the Challenge Halls. There is even a unique Map Room that will help you find your current objective and figure out where your next adventure will be! The map can be played on any difficulty level you wish. The point is to be having fun. Castaway Island encourages you to play however you want. Ignore the challenges and just build. Wanderer the seas, camping on each island as you go and living off the land. You create the adventure. I just provide the backdrop =3


From the map author Megameatloaf

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The Mad Mansion

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Download The Mad Mansion

From the map author ppotti & seal2ice

You have been invited for a party at a place called the Leginard Mansion. You are very excited for the owner of the the mansion is very rich and the party propably will be epic. You plan to attend the party, but you arrive late. But for your surprise when you arrive all the doors are locked and nobody is around except a search and rescue helicopter. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery of this eerie mansion?


PLAY ON PEACEFUL unless a sign tells you other wise.

Only place pressure plates on purple wool.

Only place levers on lime wool.

Don’t break any blocks unless told so, or if it is obvious that you can break that block

Have fun and leave a comment! :)


Sky Park

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Download Sky Park

From the map author Mirgeaux

You have never played parkour until you have played this custom map! This parkour map features 10 levels, some of which are for newbs and some of which will make even the best of parkourers rage! I hope to add many more challenges to this map in the future. With the addition of the Command Block in 1.4.2 we have added special checkpoints by clicking buttons!


No hacks or cheats can be used to complete the course.

You can play with as many people as you choose!

Unless you are a pro at parkour you will probably rage quit!


Have fun!


Escape from Hell 1.4.2

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Download Escape from Hell 1.4.2

From the map author Chartman95 and FaZeV3N0M

This is a parkour map that takes place mostly in the nether. It was created as a dedication to Mr360games and ClashJTM. It involves diamond finding and emeralds. It includes Cactus jumps, glass pane jumps, cobblestone wall jumps, and regular jumps.


Theory of Teleportation

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Download Theory of Teleportation

From the map author xtreme654

Hey guys, xtreme654 here, bringing you another exciting map for 1.4.2! I’ve created a map called “Theory of teleportation” that uses a lot of command blocks and NEW challenges ALL involving teleportation! An exciting, fun, and awesome map that I’m sure you guys will enjoy! Hope you guys have fun

Rules: 1. Play on peaceful unless told to change (There’s been a glitch for me with the difficulty changes in the command blocks, so for now, please change it manually)
2. No mods, hacks, cheats, etc.
3. Read EVERY book you get, they are very important!
4. Put all the important items (The items you need to finish the map) in the ENDER CHEST
5. Do not break or place blocks
6. Don’t cheat, if you do… meh
7. Must be played on 1.4.2
8. Have fun!