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Queen Victoria Cruise Ship 1:1 scale

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“This is a 1:1 scale of the real Queen Victoria cruise ship. it features all the amenaties that the real ship has. the was a blueprint build, so may not be 100% accurate, so please tell me if something seems wrong. this ship took two months to build”

This is a 1:1 scale of the real Queen Victoria cruise ship. it features all the amenaties that the real ship has. the was a blueprint build, so may not be 100% accurate, so please tell me if something seems wrong. this ship took two months to build and a lot of hard work, so enjoy!

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Download Queen Victoria Cruise Ship 1:1 scale

From the map author AwesomeGuy52

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PVP Arena


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“A work in progress PVP map that features 11 classes and 5 different arenas. Definitely worth to try.”

A beta PVP, mini game map that features 11 unique classes, 5 different arenas, random spawning, 6 different game types, functional scoring system, in depth game customization, 8 different teams, and a lot more. The map also features a spectator mode and other unique upcoming features that are definitely worth to try.

This is a PvP map create using various 1.5 features. It uses scoreboards, command blocks, MCEdited invisible walls and various other features to bring out the best in Minecraft PvP. Featuring 11 classes, a spectator mode, 5 built in arenas (with the ability to expand to more arenas), various ‘win conditions'; options and a whole bunch of team and FFA customisation. Contains a built in random spawn mechanic and one of those annoying ‘invisible walls’ you see in many games. It even has support of unlimited players (as long as your server can handle it). There is one clocks (for the killing spree mechanic (can be toggled)) or any lag creating machine in the map so it should be as lag free as possible.
Created by DARKHAWX, with help from Gold_Roger18, trollathon, RawHide18 and chaosdude007.


From the map author DARKHAWX

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Fight against monsters inside a big square dungeon

Dungeon Parkour Hero

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“Become the hero and save the day in this challenging free-roam adventure map.”

Dungeon Parkour Hero is a new adventure map by Bryanvv that incorporates free roam adventure with parkour challenges. In this map you’ll get to choose from 5 different classes including a trickster, a warrior, and a scout and explore the ups and downs of the dungeon and become the hero.

This is a map about you being a hero. You are the one who can your own class.
You decide how to play the map. This is a challenging map fit for all!

Download Dungeon Parkour Hero

From the map author Bryanvv

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Colorful platforms top hop into

Sprinting Adventures

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“Journey to the Nether and to the sky in this quick sprint map full of parkour elements. “

Sprint alone or race with your friend in this fun sprint parkour map. Up to 4 players can race each with different paths and challenges. This map is meant for fun and players are encouraged to play in creative in which are allowed to fly back to the platform they have fallen from.

A fun filled sprint map full of parkour, a little bit of adventure and budder! You can travel a journey through the Nether, The Sky and much more! RULES:

Download Myths of Minecraftia 1

From the map author Markito321

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the trap

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“it is a cave that you need find a way to up

it is a cave that you need find a way to up

Download the trap

From the map author hiro1

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Can you see that??

Escape from Slender Man Part 1

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“The first of the adventure map series where your goal is to escape the ever-chasing Slender Man.”

Escape from Slender Man Part 1 by luisant98 is the first of the hopefully many more series to come. In this adventure map you are thrown into an unknown place where the Slender Man continues to chase you. Escape him and defeat any mobs that try to block your path.

Hello, i’m here with a map called “Escape from Slender Man Part 1″.
Is an adventure map, and the mission, as said in the title, is to escape, from a place that you don’t know how do you get there, and Slender Man is there.

I hope you liked.

Download Escape from Slender Man Part 1

From the map author luisant98

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History of Enslaved city

History of Enslaved city, part 1

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“You are the man, who can save the whole world from demon invasion. Other you can see in the description below (sorry for my grammar)”

After the few experiments, english scientists had opened the Hellgate, but this action was a fatal mistake. They wanted just only contact, but demons started to kill people and ruin the whole cities (of course, they were demons).
So, now, the End of the World is approaching. You can save the whole human race, because you are the chosen One. Your goal is to kill the Archidemon, but first you need to go through the demon hordes. There will be many quests, and your path will be as hard as hell, literally.

Now the techical notes:
Map based on the Hellgate:London game and also this map is RPG-styled.
You should do this before playing the map:
Install the HD texture pack, included in the .zip file. You should have the Optifine HD or MCPatcher installed. Do not use any mods, that affects the gameplay.
I suggest you to not use any mods
The map is nearly 150 minutes gameplay. Play, enjoy and save the humanity!
I made only the first chapter, continue will come soon.
Rate and comment my map, thanks for downloading and, of course, sorry for my grammar

Download History of Enslaved city, part 1

From the map author thiscomposer

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Castlevania: Last Worlds

Castlevania: Last Worlds

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“A Castlevania inspired adventure map with amazing 5 world creations and custom items.”

A massive 5 world creation that features castle vania structures including the massive main castle and custom items. follow the story and survive all of the five worlds. This map features 5 worlds, 1 mini-world, and the Castlevania main castle. Enjoy the creation and relive the horror.

-No cheats
-No put blocks, only levers
-No creative mode or TMI
-Use the stars to open doors.