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Downward Defense map

Downward Defense

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“An interesting pvp deathmatch map for four players created by jcdatria.”


Downward Defense is a unique PvP map created by jcdatria for MC version 1.6 and above. In this map, four players spawn in each of their towers and will try to destroy each other. However, these towers serve as their prison and therefore they have to escape by digging down and gather what resources they can find. In the middle of the map is a path that connects the four towers, in here the player battle against each other with only one life or simply set ambush to their prey.


Begin digging down so you can rise to the top. Find materials and survive. You must make it to the bottom and then destroy your enemies before they can destroy you. But dont fall off the edge, because thats a long fall to your death.

You and three of you friends/enemies all start on a tower. You have to dig down through the tower whilst gathering supplies to find an exit. Once you are able to escape the tower you may meet you enemy in the arena in the middle. Or you could enter their tower and kill them from below. Each person only has one life, and the last person to stay alive wins.

Download Downward Defense

From the map author Jcdatria

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“A 4-player pvp mini game map where players must compete to reach the top of the stairs and defeat the other players.”

STAIRCLIMBER 9000 is a pvp mini game map created by EpicCrafterer. In this map, 4 players will each have different class to compete against each other. Each player must conquer the stage by being the first to climb the top, use your unique skills to destroy your opponents and be the only one at the top. The map utilizes scoreboard commands for a more competitive gameplay.


If you have trouble finding spawn, it is at the coordinates 200, 74, 255

Hello Everyone!

I’m EpicCrafterer and I have just finished my 2 month project StairClimber 9000.

StairClimber is a 4 player game where players compete to reach the top of the stairs as quickly as possible. Each player receives a different class, in which they must do their best to kill the other players. Well, that’s the general idea of it, the full rules are in the map!

I used a lot of redstone and scoreboard commands in this, so for the most part, everything is automated!

If you would like to feature this on youtube, feel free! Post here if you want to tell me that you’re making a video.

But enough words. Here’s some pictures.

Download STAIRCLIMBER 9000

From the map author EpicCrafterer

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The Island or Isure

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“A cool story adventure map created by Sukomoto that is compatible with up to 4 people! Escape the pirates with your friends!”

THE ISLAND OF ISURE is an adventure map created by Sukomoto for minecraft 1.3 and above. In this map, you will set sail to do a final mission for the English Armada only to be captured by pirates. You continue your quest but you have to escape captivity first. This map can be played by up to 4 players.

Edit: people can only place red stone torches on red wool


There is complicated redstone circuitry under the very ground you walk on and is essential to the dungeons for you to advance it is best to get a mod or plugin to stop creeper explosions. so you do not destroy the map.

Download The Island or Isure

From the map author Sukomoto

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“A vanilla PVP mini game map created by mewband12. Try to kill all your opponent without losing your 5 lives!”

BATTLECRAFT is a vanilla PVP mini game map created by mewband12. In this map, 2-4 players can battle by choosing one of the four classes. The goal of this map is to kill all your opponents without losing all your 5 lives.


Battlecraft is a map that requires NO MOD. The objective of the game is kill everyone without losing your 5 life! Will you make it!?There are chests around the map and pressure plates that gives you buffsThis map requires 2-4 players and there are 4 classes that you can select which is:- rouge: runs fast and hits hard, but low health- acrobat: He fires arrow- swordmaster: has a melee range attack- mage: has splash potions to damage peopleArena


From the map author mewband12

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“A fun mini game map that can be played by up to 4 people! Careful not to fall on the pit!”

Lava Pit Arena is a multiplayer mini game map where players must jump out of the corners while they try to knock each other out. Created by TheCrafterz team, this map requires at least 2 players and can handle up to 4 players simultaneously. Play with your friends and have fun.


This is a fun Mini Game that me and my friends created.

Don’t Break Blocks.
Play on Easy
Enable Command Blocks
Don’t Cheat
Each Player starts in a corner. One player counts down. Then everyone has to jump out of there corner and try to knock the other person into the lava. There are 9 bonus chest with lots of goodies that will help you win. Everyone will get 5 lives. This map can be played with 2-4 people,but it’s best played with four.
Me and my friends had a lot of fun making this map.
Please enjoy!


From the map author TheCrafterz

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“Another epic sprint parkour map created by dragonic212. This map can be played with up to 4 players.”

DRAGONSPRINT 2 is an improved sprint map created by dragonic212. This map features medium length (for a sprint) map parkour with tons of good views. Try it with 3 of your friends and race to win.

*Play on Easy!
*Do not break Blocks!
*Play on Creative!


From the map author dragonic212

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FishSlap Minigame

FishSlap Minigame

GD Star Rating

“A small PVP mini game with lots of cool features from custom sound effects, colored texts, and more.”

A fun mini game meant for 2-4 players! Created by Paradoxq13, this mini game features the new minecraft 1.6 feature (resource pack) for a much fun experience. The game has its own scoring to keep the competition tight.


Well, it’s a small PvP minigame in which you have to hit your opponents out of the scoring area to claim the points for yourself! It isn’t that simple though, the scoring area is not always in the same place. There are four different areas, and one is chosen every round to become the scoring area. And after every round, a random event occurs, that will completely change how the next round is played! Maybe everyone will become blind or maybe there will be a skeleton attack! There are 11 different events that can happen! There is also an option to disable random events if you want just a plain match. This minigame does get quite frantic sometimes, especially when there’s only a few seconds left and you have to try and fight everyone off!

If you don’t end up spawning where you are supposed to be, the co-ordinates for the spawn area is, x= 1000 y= 52 z= -999
Please turn command blocks on, or else the minigame will not work.

Download FishSlap Minigame

From the map author Paradoxq13

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“A multiplayer (2-4) parkour sprint map with tons of competitive content and scary jumping actions”

Created by squidgamingink and his friends, Burning Time Parkour is a multiplayer map that won’t work in singleplayer. The map requires at least 2 players to play and a maximum of 4 people can play the game. The map is a fun lava-filled parkour sprint that will last for around 5 minutes.


This map is a little project me and my friends have been working on. Its designed for MULTIPLAYER ONLY (2-4 players) and will not work properly in singleplayer. The content of the map is parkour based, when all players try to get to one pressure plate before falling lava kills them, and get the following rewards:
1. Fully enchanted diamond armor + sword.
2. 4 enchanted golden apples.
3. Fully enchanted bow.
5. Lava protection.
6. A rose.
Completing the map will take about 5 minutes.