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LA Bank Building and Grounds from GTAV

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“his is the LA Bank Tower featured in GTAV. It is not the same exact structure as seen in the game because I added my own spin on the grounds surrounding the Tower.”

Some features about this project

-177 meters tall

-56 stories

-Main spawn room

-Obbservation Deck

-HeliPad (top)

-jump challenge (2)

-secret cave

-hedge maze

-authentic grounds surrounding tower

-6 shops (3 full, 3 facade)

Download LA Bank Building and Grounds from GTAV

From the map author Hobo Joe

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122 Leadenhall Street

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“Cubical buildings are so last century! The Leadenhall Building comprises a number of distinct architectural elements that provide clarity to the composition both as a whole and as a legible expression of its constituent parts.”

♦This building was created for jduartemiller’s contest. It was based on many different concepts and visions so the finished building may differ from the existing one. If I will eventually use it in my project, wool will be added behind the glass due to the fact that I don’t make interiors in my buildings. If you wish to edit it, feel free to do so, but please message me or tell me you did that so I can check it. I’m not really the best at making fully structured buildings and that’s why you may encounter some mistakes (eg. building is bit taller than it should be or steel bracing can seem off here and there). I tried to recreate it as best as I could, but not everything is like I would like it to be. Thank you for understanding!♦

Download 122 Leadenhall Street

From the map author Tiresh

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Hydrata – The City of Water [Head into the Clouds Entry]

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“This is Meester_Curly back again for another project. I welcome you to the realms of Hydrata, my Head into the Clouds contest entry and probably my biggest build to date and also my favourite.”

I built it over the period of two weeks and 50 hours. Due to me being unorganised and leaving this to the last minute, I had to get friends to help me with houses and paths. Without them this project would not have been possible to upload at this time. Although I had help from friends, this is still not as big as I planned it to be, 95% was built by myself, and due to this I have put a lot of hard work into making this possible. Please do explore this world first hand by downloading the world, I have spent a lot of time making it presentable for the download so it would be a shame if no-one were to see it. The details have been made to look better in person, so I encourage you to have a look for yourself. This project was completed 3 hours before the end of the contest, so it was certainly a tight squeeze!

Download Hydrata – The City of Water [Head into the Clouds Entry]

From the map author Meester Curly

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Republic Cloud

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“Howdy, I made this map for the Head Into The Clouds Contest but I thought the final date is next week so I didn’t post it in the contest. I MADE THIS WITHOUT MODS AND IT TOOK ME A HELL LOT OF TIME!!!”

The story is this: May years ago there was a medieval kingdom where monks lived in. The monks had special powers and they made the islands they lived on fly so no one can bother them. After a long time there was a team that found this island because they had special flying powers too. They took all their friends up there and they are currently now building new houses and restoring the old buildings. That’s why there are some new buildings and some old. They called the city Republic Cloud and they want it to be the city that will bring balance and peace to the world. Wish them luck!

If you like the map I’ll appreciate if you diamond, favorite, subscribe and feedback!

Download Republic Cloud

From the map author bobgil

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The White City – Dorú Illium

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“Dorú Yllium is the blueprint of a fictional fantasy city, including an own conclusive lore, an exact city plan and several characters that play a role in a much more complex literate book story.”

It is part of the fictional universe of ‘Ephylium’, in which a huge part of ‘Minecraft Forgotten Realms’ is settled in. Feedback and rate if you like it :D

Download The White City – Dorú Illium

From the map author ForgottenRealmsTeam

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The World of Keralis Creative Server.

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“Welcome to the official World of Keralis Creative server listing!”

The world of Keralis server was originally founded by Keralis over 2 years ago and has grown to hold over 70 thousand members and is still counting, the server is most famously known for its fantastic realistic cities planned by the likes of Shiftmaster and many others. The server is made up of many different styles, including our main and most famous style Modern along with a wide range of traditional and a hint of fantasy!

Download The World of Keralis Creative Server.

From the map author Keralis

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Haiger Kingdom at Dusk

Haiger Kingdom

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“Haiger Kingdom is filled with everything a normal city should have. Haiger Kingdom has a total of 3 cities. They include a working subway, hospitals, schools, stores, banks, skyscrapers, churches, airplanes, airport, neighborhoods, stables, and more.”

“Haiger Kingdom is filled with everything a normal city should have. Haiger Kingdom has a total of 3 cities. They include a working subway, hospitals, schools, stores, banks, skyscrapers, churches, airplanes, airport, neighborhoods, stables, and more.”

Thousands of hours were put into this map to make it perfect! You will never get bored with this map. There are so many hidden things waiting to be found!

Quality was put into this map! Each building/house is filled.

If you would like to enhance your gameplay even more, you can visit the website provided to gain access to my working server!

Thanks for downloading. Remember to visit the website for a map, server info, and much more!

Download Haiger Kingdom

From the map author Scott2497

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Eludan City V.1

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Eludan City
Sup, this map was made by my friend and he made this while I was working on my map. So he built it on my map so some buildings of my map are there. His name is firezoneman. This map was made without world edit or any mods and it took him about 400 hours to build. If you like it I’ll be glad if you SUB, COMMENT, DOWNLOAD, DIAMOND and FAVORITE.