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Operation: Tropical Vacation

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“Another epic map from bodil40. Operation: Tropical Vacation, also known as Epic Jump Map 8, features massive and colorful park-themed creations perfect for your youtube videos.”

Feast your eyes and record your adventure in the 8th installation of the Epic Jump Map series by bodil40. Operation: Tropical Vacation features massive creations and colorful park-themed rides and structures that looks awesome. The map requires a texture pack that can be downloaded in the link below.

Texture Pack Download:

1 – Play on Normal or above
2 – Don’t cheat
3 – Have fun
4 – If you’re playing on a server – turn on command blocks!
5 – use the required texture pack

Operation: Tropical Vacation is the new map from the Epic Jump Map series. This time it’s summer-themed and the point of the whole map is to relax and enjoy summer … while being most-likely annoyed from the parkour and the stuff that troll you … as always! This one is much easier than my regular maps though

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Download Operation: Tropical Vacation

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