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“You are an ant. You are at war. Kill or be killed in this fast paced survival games style PvP arena. Tunnel your way through the earth while fighting for your life.”

From the creator of Fathmar Deathmatch comes Hivemind, a new fresh look at minecraft pvp. Use your speed and powerful mining tool to dig your way through a 100 x 100 pillar of dirt that reaches from the void to the block limit. Fight enemies using a combination of spleef and survival games skills as you fight to be the last ant alive.

With speed ten and jump boost ten enemies will try to get away fast when weakened. Learn to track them through the anthill but be careful not to fall into one of their cobweb traps. Learn how to escape quickest by using other players’ tunnels or by filling in your path behind you.

When you are lost within the depths of the anthill keep looking over your shoulder. They will find you. They will kill you.
The game is 2-8 players. Feel free to make a server or Youtube video as long as you mention the author.

Thank you for downloading. If you have any questions, comments or bellyaching contact me in the comments. Check out other maps by me: Chrome Defense, Let’s Be Creative and Fathmar Deathmatch. All of them can be found in the minecraft forums.

Download Hivemind

From the map author Sab Williard

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Spleef of the Dragon Egg

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“The floor of this spleef arena – which is most of the time made out of snow – is made out of… dragon eggs! This arena is truly unique – never has this kind of spleef arena been made before. I’m proud to present you this arena!”

“Spleef is one of many popular player-invented games played in Minecraft. The overall objective is to be the last player standing. The name is a play on the word grief as the game involves destroying blocks. The game can be played entirely in vanilla. Though the peak of its popularity was in Minecraft Classic, it has since made a comeback in Beta and the full release.” – Minecraft Wiki

The floor of this spleef arena – which is most of the time made out of snow – is made out of… dragon eggs! This arena is truly unique – never has this kind of spleef arena been made before. I’m proud to present you this arena!

This map – contrary to other spleef arenas – doesn’t require any tool to “break” the block the floor has been made out of. As you now, you just click a dragon egg, and it will teleport away. This will also add an interesting new feature to this spleef: most dragon eggs will, as they teleport, stay inside the arena, some will fall through the current holes and some will just teleport out of the arena. The ones that manage to stay inside the arena, will create an interesting and challenging scenery with stacked eggs!

This minigame requires at least 2 players (of course) and can be played with up to 4 players. Just choose your color and when everyone is in the arena, the game will start automatically. Good luck!

For more info and let’s play’s, go to http://bit.ly/16a0G7F

Download Spleef of the Dragon Egg

From the map author Wafflecakes

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all the cakes you can eat

Cake-Eating Spleef

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“Want to play spleef but too hungry to start? Try shadowman9119’s cake-eating spleef map!”

Cake-Eating Spleef by Shadowman9119 follows the same rule as the regular spleef mini game. This game map also features a surprise compensation chest if you spawn outside the allocated spawn point. Play with your friends and have fun nomnom-ing those cakes.


This is one of my maps; this time, it’s a spleef minigame.

But this isn’t normal spleef.

It’s CAKE-EATING Spleef! It’s simple; all you do is eat the cakes under your opponents and make them fall and die.

You will get infinite and really strong hunger so that you can keep eating cake without stopping!

Hope you guys enjoy the map, I will make more little fun mini games later on sometime if people like my existing ones or if I just feel like making a map.

Download Cake-Eating Spleef

From the map author shadowman9119

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wool wars

Wool Wars

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“A mini game map that combines the classic Spleef and PVP elements.”

Wool wars is a unique innovative PVP arena map created by iiForte.
This map combines the classic Spleef where players need to destroy platforms and PVP into one mini game. In this new mini game, players compete to destroy all the wool on the other zone in order to win.

All players grab one set of armor (Your color), one set of shears,
and one Wool Ball, then everyone heads to a separate
pressure plate. The game will only start once all pressure plates
are activated at the same time. Once everyone is
tp’d to the pads, the battle starts. Everyone tries to destroy
their enemies blocks. Last pad left with a block in it wins.

Download Wool Wars

From the map author iiForte

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Bow Spleef

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“This is a fun bow spleef mini game map! Up to 8 players on a map at once, and up to 50 maps for endless fun!”

The object of bow spleef is to shoot the tnt out from your opponents feet!

Download Bow Spleef

From the map author ajb1102

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“For multiplayer! Instructions:http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Spleef”

For multiplayer! Instructions:http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Spleef

Download Spleef

From the map author Au Yat

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